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Brand Identity & Space Design

The Client

Jordi Active: an affordable, fun, girls activewear range based in Brisbane, Australia. 


To develop a fun, stylish activewear brand for young to teenage girls. Young girls have a tendency to grow up too fast and become nasty teenagers too soon. Owner, Kylie, wanted to create a brand that encouraged healthy, happy, active teenage girls. The brand needed to be young, fun and stylish. 

The Solution

I developed a brand identity around the idea that yes, teenage girls want to be older, but we believe older means wise, kinder and more free. Based around bright, summer-based imagery, activity and colour, Jordi Active was born 'for everyday adventures'. 


Jordi Active is still in progress. The first two activewear ranges have been designed and we are waiting on samples to arrive before the photoshoot & launch of the brand. 

Logo, brand Identity, pattern design, textile design, business consulting, creative direction for brand & imagery, web design, promotional graphics.