Brand Identity & Design


Olea of Monemvasia : a premium extra virgin olive oil company that imports oil from Monemvasia in Greece, into Australia. 


To develop a healthy, clean, luxury olive oil brand that inspired people to be their healthiest, happiest selves via the mediterranean lifestyle. 

The Solution

I developed a brand identity around the concept of summer in Greece, from which I developed the slogan, Simply Live which became the base of the brand identity.

"You’ve heard it before. The Mediterranean diet has the key to good health, longevity and wellness. but we believe the real Mediterranean diet is about more than just eating fresh wholesome food and plenty of olive oil... It's about living everyday like it's summer in Greece. Growing your own vegetables and cooking them with love; Savouring the moments of meals shared with friends and jumping feet first into the ocean. Setting off on an adventure and chasing that dream of a life free from limitations."

From here we developed an imagery based brand using the bright colours of summer in greece, ocean blues, vibrant red tomatoes, and a simplistic greek logo in black and white to contrast the imagery. The brand is premium but fresh and this concept is carried across all marketing, branding, promotional material and website.


Brand identity, promotional material, packaging, creative direction for marketing concepts & photoshoots, website.